So much more than a tenancy with support

Realising the Potential of Extra Care Housing Published on January 24, 2021 LinkedIn Martin Routledge, Helen Sanderson and Sharon Wilton Pete had a passion for dogs – he had them as pets throughout his childhood, had trained them during his time in the armed forces and had worked with them in sheepdog trials for manyContinue reading “So much more than a tenancy with support”

In-home caregivers take the place of old people’s homes in Italy

by Roberta Lunghini – 2017.01.25   In Italy, the majority of elderly people who are no longer independent have a private caretaker who assists them at home. Data indicate that 2,5 million are taken care of by individuals at home, while a little more than 278,000 opt for an old people’s home or residential facilityContinue reading “In-home caregivers take the place of old people’s homes in Italy”

Better At Home Report 2019

Why live-in homecare is a real alternative to residential or nursing home care. Chief executive at Care England, Professor Martin Green OBE, said it was important that the care system catered for a wide range of needs. The leader of the charity which represents independent care organisations in England said: “There is no one careContinue reading “Better At Home Report 2019”

Elderly Care at Home: What Are the Alternatives to a Care Home?

A recent poll by YouGov revealed that out of 2,000 people surveyed, only 1 percent were happy with the idea of going into a care home. This shows how much negativity there is surrounding the subject of residential care homes, made worse by the horror stories so frequently talked about in the media. Most peopleContinue reading “Elderly Care at Home:
What Are the Alternatives to a Care Home?”