Food Hygiene In Care Homes | What You Need To Do

Considering food hygiene in care homes should be the first thing on your To-Do list if you’re building or refurbishing cooking and preparation areas. Here is a look at the key areas you should focus on when planning your kitchen layout, choosing your commercial catering equipment and finalising your food safety management processes. Read thisContinue reading “Food Hygiene In Care Homes | What You Need To Do”

9 common nursing home hazards

Blog | Insurance Choice A key consideration when a family moves a relative into a nursing home is that person’s safety. Assisted living offers a safer environment than life at home on their own, and that can help family members make the decision that an elderly loved one will be better off in a care.Continue reading “9 common nursing home hazards”

The impact of COVID-19 on social care workers’ workload, wellbeing and ability to provide care safely

Findings from the UK – Resources to support community and institutional Long-Term Care responses to COVID-19 The analysis of this survey points to many important issues that require immediate policy attention. The evidence of increased workload, stress and feelings of being unsafe at work calls for practice strategies and guidance to support care workers’ wellbeingContinue reading “The impact of COVID-19 on social care workers’ workload, wellbeing and ability to provide care safely”

Design Principles for Extra Care Housing

This updated Housing LIN Factsheet no 6, now in its 3rd edition, describes key design principles and issues to consider when developing a brief for a new Extra Care Housing development. Of particular significance, it has also been updated to address health and safety considerations following Grenfell, the avoidance of overheating and, more recently, theContinue reading “Design Principles for Extra Care Housing”

Health and safety in care homes

Care homes differ from other workplaces because they are not only places of work but are also homes for their residents. It is therefore important that they are pleasant places where the freedom and dignity of residents is respected, and where everyone’s health and safety is sensibly and effectively managed. They are owned and managedContinue reading “Health and safety in care homes”