Guide: Supporting shared decision making in care homes

This guide on shared decision making was co-created by My Home Life England alongside an Expert Advisory Group of people working in a range of care homes. The guide contains Case studies, positive practice thoughts and ideas to help support and develop discussions about shared decision making. Links to My Home Life tools and ideasContinue reading “Guide: Supporting shared decision making in care homes”

A guide to evaluating services for children and young people using quality indicators

The consultation paper A Common Approach to Inspecting Services for Children andYoung People, published in November 2005, set out proposals for developing andimplementing an outcome-focused, intelligence-led and proportionate approach to theinspection of services for children and young people. It included a development andimplementation timetable leading to the introduction of a coherent system of inspectionby theContinue reading “A guide to evaluating services for children and young people using quality indicators”

Care Homes: How to Provide Your Information Online

Taking the decision to move into care is usually hard, both for the potential resident themselves and their representatives. Given the highly emotional nature of the decision, often precipitated by a sudden decline in health, it means that it can be hard to read and understand information about a potential care home. Consumer law recognizesContinue reading “Care Homes: How to Provide Your Information Online”

Care Homes: How You Should Communicate Your Information

It is never an easy decision to move into care. It is usually a big step, only being finally taken when every other alternative has been explored and exhausted. The decision is charged with emotion;  often being taken by the person’s family at a time of crisis when their relative is in poor health. GivenContinue reading “Care Homes: How You Should Communicate Your Information”

Care Homes: Dealing With Complaints

There are well over 20,000 care homes across the UK. While the majority of residents are happy and fulfilled in the homes they live in and are satisfied with the care they receive, accidents, errors and misunderstandings can always happen. It could be a specific incident, a general complaint about service or a problem withContinue reading “Care Homes: Dealing With Complaints”

Care Homes & Consumer Law: Fair Trading

If you own or run a care home anywhere in the UK, you must ensure your residents are treated fairly under consumer law. This applies to both state-funded residents and those who pay their own fees. Care home owners and managers will need to be very clear about how consumer law applies to them andContinue reading “Care Homes & Consumer Law: Fair Trading”

A New Way Home (Scottish Edition)

…a personalised approach to leaving institutions Scottish Edition by Frances Brown and John Dalrymple. Published by the Centre for Welfare Reform in association with Citizen Network Preface ‘… the difficulty of bringing people back home once they have been placed a long way away is so great that every effort should be made to avoidContinue reading “A New Way Home (Scottish Edition)”

Eating as we age guide | Care UK

If you’d like to know more about how to help your loved one to stay healthy in older age, this free guide has professional tips and advice for nutrition and hydration, plus delicious and quick recipes for you to try. Inside this guide Understand how appetites and tastes change with age Hints and tips fromContinue reading “Eating as we age guide | Care UK”

Enhanced Health in Care Homes: A guide for care homes

Care Provider Alliance – Contents Introduction Foreword Background Aligning care homes to Primary Care Networks (PCNs) About Primary Care Networks (PCNs) The Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH) service The PCN clinical lead role The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) MDTs and dementia care The weekly home round What to expect How to prepare for the MDTContinue reading “Enhanced Health in Care Homes: A guide for care homes”

Reimagining residential children’s homes – Commissioning children’s homes: Potential improvements and reforms (2020)

Published: 24/04/2020 | Author: Evans K Introduction This series of publications explores key issues identified by strategic planners, policy-makers and practitioners. It provides insights into current debates, research findings, practice developments and user experiences to inform the development of the residential children’s care sector. The series will be of particular interest to strategic leaders, commissionersContinue reading “Reimagining residential children’s homes – Commissioning children’s homes: Potential improvements and reforms (2020)”