How many people fund their own care?

Sophie John, October 15, 2021 Many people pay for their care in residential homes. Despite this there are no official estimates of the number of self-funders within the UK. Here Dr Sophie John, Head of Social Care Analysis at the ONS, sets out what they have been able to find out so far, and nextContinue reading “How many people fund their own care?”

Fractured and forgotten? The social care provider market in England

Covid-19 has highlighted many issues in the social care system in the last year, but providers of these vital services are still often ignored. This report highlights the systemic problems with the way the provider market for social care operates in England. Report Published: 16/04/2021 Download the report [PDF 508.9KB] Author Natasha Curry Author CamilleContinue reading “Fractured and forgotten? The social care provider market in England”

Care homes have long been neglected – the pandemic has shown us how bad things are

A topic of The Conversation Care homes have long been neglected, partly due to widespread privatisation and low levels of funding for social care. We should all hope that the coronavirus crisis marks a turning point – and a change that means care homes are finally given the funding, staffing and support they so desperatelyContinue reading “Care homes have long been neglected – the pandemic has shown us how bad things are”

Care homes need our support in the covid-19 era and beyond

David Oliver: in The BMJ, November 27, 2020 What do care homes have to do to get a break in England right now? Read in full at source:

Radical and new plan needed on long-term care of aging population – Safeguarding Ireland

The need for a radical and new approach on providing long-term care to Ireland’s aging population has been highlighted, in a new report commissioned by Safeguarding Ireland. The report said there is an unresolved ‘generational conflict’ in how the cost of caring for older people will be funded. Questions on how this can be borneContinue reading “Radical and new plan needed on long-term care of aging population – Safeguarding Ireland”

We need to stop our children being monetised

From Bernadette Meaden’s Blog In September 2020 the Children’s Commissioner reported: “local authorities can pay extortionate amounts for residential care – usually more than £4,000 a week, with local authorities reporting that the costs of such placements are rising sharply.” When children are 16 or older they may go into ‘unregulated accommodation’, where they receiveContinue reading “We need to stop our children being monetised”

Why we need a publicly owned care service

Residential Forum member Gillian Daley: The ‘problem of social care’ is currently perceived to be a problem of funding. As such, the funding question dominates policy-thinking and public debate. The central concern of this article, however, is broader. It focuses on the essential nature of social care, particularly its structure, quality and sectoral location –Continue reading “Why we need a publicly owned care service”

A National Care Home Service

Clive Bowman, December 2018 The green paper still deferred, advisors doubtless once more considering well-thumbed evidence supported by economic expertise in the attempt to find the elusive politically acceptable solution that is sustainable financially. These can be predicted to distill down to who pays for what rather than a broader view of what epidemiologically isContinue reading “A National Care Home Service”

Paying for your care

Funding your own care at home or in a #carehome​ Social care helps people to carry out everyday tasks, like washing, dressing and eating. It might be provided at home or in a residential care home. Some people will qualify for funding from their council, but many will end up paying for all of theirContinue reading “Paying for your care”