Children in Charge: the original proposal

Download the full paper: Children in Charge This paper, from November 2016, is an attempt at rethinking the systemic problems facing the funding and commissioning of care services and placements for children in need of care and adoption, across ALL types and specialisms of placement, from kinship care, through foster care, to residential care andContinue reading “Children in Charge: the original proposal”

Commitment must be matched by deeds, not just words

Wednesday 20 June 2018 Kenny McGhee is the Throughcare and Aftercare Lead at CELCIS. Here he continues the conversation started in Gordon Main’s recent blog Commitment, like love, is not enough. “For some people, the emotional content of the work of residential child care can be at times overwhelming and committing emotionally to a healingContinue reading “Commitment must be matched by deeds, not just words”

Commitment, like love, is not enough

Gordon Main, Monday 4 June 2018 “If there is anything that children need from parents, even more than food and shelter, it is knowing that parents are committed to them” (Mary Dozier, This is My Child, 2005) Our current practice, culture and systems in caring for children who are unable to live with their parentsContinue reading “Commitment, like love, is not enough”