Limelight – Old Trafford, Manchester

Limelight is a pioneering project which sits at the very heart of the Old Trafford master plan, a strategic development within Trafford Housing Trust’s vision to regenerate the area. The development integrates 81 extra care apartments into a development which also incorporates the relocation of two GP surgeries and associated health facilities, space for theContinue reading “Limelight – Old Trafford, Manchester”

Alternatives to Long Term Institutional Care for Older People

The report’s findings are divided into five themes of: social interaction connecting with the wider community safety net scale, and thinking ahead. Each of these includes case studies of the facilities and initiatives visited and identifies the main learning points for the UK. In conclusion the research demonstrates that there is a range of differentContinue reading “Alternatives to Long Term Institutional Care for Older People”

Design Principles for Extra Care Housing

This updated Housing LIN Factsheet no 6, now in its 3rd edition, describes key design principles and issues to consider when developing a brief for a new Extra Care Housing development. Of particular significance, it has also been updated to address health and safety considerations following Grenfell, the avoidance of overheating and, more recently, theContinue reading “Design Principles for Extra Care Housing”

Coronavirus: Opening doors in a different way – Blogs – Housing LIN Did you know, legally speaking, temporarily suspending visits to loved ones at Care Homes, Extra Care Housing Sites or Community Living Schemes is fundamentally against a person’s Human Rights? It infringes not only a Right to Family and a Private Life but alsoContinue reading

Older people’s decisions about extra-care housing

In this blog Kate Baxter talks about Sarah Hillcoat-Nallétamby’s paper ‘Pathways to choice’ of care setting. The paper is about older people’s involvement in decisions to move to an extra-care housing scheme. Extra-care housing combines accommodation where people can live independently with on-site personal care and domestic support. There can also be communal spaces andContinue reading “Older people’s decisions about extra-care housing”

Moving in and out of extra care housing – the possibilities and practicalities for people living with dementia

Housing with care and support for people living with dementia is a hot topic. What is the best option, and when should a person living with dementia move from their own home to one where there is more support? There is no silver bullet – every person is different.  But over the years some lessonsContinue reading “Moving in and out of extra care housing – the possibilities and practicalities for people living with dementia”

Exploring how to develop effective services to reduce loneliness

13/05/19 The Housing LIN has published a number of Blogs that consider different aspects of loneliness including how housing with care schemes are well placed to reduce unwanted isolation and how bringing generations together can benefit both in bridging the loneliness gap. Housing LIN Viewpoint 96 explores best practice in developing effective services to reduceContinue reading “Exploring how to develop effective services to reduce loneliness”