Community-based Care

Transition to community-based care: the role of the EU Hundreds of thousands of children, persons with disabilities, persons with mental health problems, homeless persons and older people across Europe continue to live in long-stay institutions where they face lives of social exclusion, poverty and labour market exclusion. In order to promote social inclusion of people withContinue reading “Community-based Care”

MOOC Social Pedagogy across Europe – Introductory Video Combining a series of short videos, further reading resources, quizzes, reflective questions and peer-led discussions, the MOOC is aimed at practitioners across all education and social care settings as well as (prospective) students. You can self-pace your progression through the 8 sessions. We’ve designed these to encourageContinue reading

EEA migration in the UK: Final report

September 19, 2018 The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has published its final report into European Economic Area (EEA) migration in the UK in terms of current and potential patterns of EEA migration and the impact of these patterns. The report highlights possible issues that changes to EEA migration may cause in the social care sector,Continue reading “EEA migration in the UK: Final report”

SPRINT is a three-year research project seeking to elucidate how long-term care (LTC) can be located within the concept of social investment. It conducts research with a view to define the “social” character and impact of long-term care schemes and to propose a set of tools, guidelines and policy recommendations that will support successful implementationContinue reading