An Equal Life for All – the #SocialCareFuture White Paper

We got tired of waiting, so we produced our own White Paper on the future of social care. It’s radical and ambitious, as it should be. Tell us what you think! social-care-future-white-paper-Download

Digital Home project

You can download an app and virtually explore The Home – a fictional residential care home provider. Meet the residents and staff, play games, watch short films and even cross the portal to explore what a Japanese care home is like. ⁠ Head over to to find out more! ⁠ Source:

A snapshot of oral care in homes

In June 2019, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) published their smiling matters report which reviewed the state of oral health care in care homes across England. This called for mandatory staff training care in oral care and a greater awareness of the importance of good oral care and what this means from employers, carers, peopleContinue reading “A snapshot of oral care in homes”

Getting hospital discharge right

Home to the unknown – key findings “In our day to day engagement, through our operations, we see many examples of good practice initiatives including Multi Agency Discharge Events (MADE), Discharge to Assess (D2A), Home First and hospital – or community-based hospital – multidisciplinary discharge teams. Many are working in successful partnerships with the voluntaryContinue reading “Getting hospital discharge right”

The Woman Fighting for Care Leavers’ Right to Housing

by Emily Goddard, November 2021 If you’ve been raised in the care system, it can be almost impossible to find a guarantor for a rental property. Mary-anne Hodd is changing that. There is a solution to the problems care leavers face when trying to move into independent rented accommodation, Hodd says. The idea came toContinue reading “The Woman Fighting for Care Leavers’ Right to Housing”

So, what is The Plan…?

Residential Forum member, Nadra Ahmed, blog in Care Talk, November 2021 ……. The view that social care addresses social needs only is outdated and must be challenged. So, before we can progress to contemplating how it is fixed, we have to understand how and why it ‘broke’! The role of social care historically, has beenContinue reading “So, what is The Plan…?”

Social Care Detention: A Socio-Legal Puzzle

Lucy Series | 13 October 2021 More people are deprived of their liberty in England and Wales’ care homes than any other paradigmatic carceral spaces, including prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and immigration detention. In 2019-20 care homes made 163,215 applications to authorise deprivation of liberty under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 deprivation of liberty safeguards (DoLS).Continue reading “Social Care Detention: A Socio-Legal Puzzle”

How many people fund their own care?

Sophie John, October 15, 2021 Many people pay for their care in residential homes. Despite this there are no official estimates of the number of self-funders within the UK. Here Dr Sophie John, Head of Social Care Analysis at the ONS, sets out what they have been able to find out so far, and nextContinue reading “How many people fund their own care?”

Living in Children’s Homes

This short study published 10 years ago provides an insight into the nature of children’s residential homes, the characteristics and circumstances of the young people who lived in them and on the short-term outcomes for these young people. It built on other research for the Department for Education (DfE) Raising the Bar? An Evaluation ofContinue reading “Living in Children’s Homes”

Guide: Supporting shared decision making in care homes

This guide on shared decision making was co-created by My Home Life England alongside an Expert Advisory Group of people working in a range of care homes. The guide contains Case studies, positive practice thoughts and ideas to help support and develop discussions about shared decision making. Links to My Home Life tools and ideasContinue reading “Guide: Supporting shared decision making in care homes”

Managing safeguarding investigations – preserving your regulatory and reputational position

Jenny Wilde, 15 October 2019 “Safeguarding investigations can be incredibly stressful and difficult times for providers of health and social care services. Any allegations involving vulnerable people will always, and understandably, expose providers to intense scrutiny.” As far as the Residential Forum is aware the content of this article from two years ago is accurateContinue reading “Managing safeguarding investigations – preserving your regulatory and reputational position”

Enhancing the health of care home residents

Health and social care professionals, including care home staff, work together in a multidisciplinary team to provide care to residents. Find out how the NHS England, Enhanced Health in Care Homes programme is making a difference to residents like Magdalena.

Multi-building children’s homes: creating more capacity in the system

Posted by: Yvette Stanley, Posted on: 1 October 2021 – Categories: children’s homes Yvette Stanley, Ofsted’s National Director for Regulation and Social Care, explains plans for multi-building registrations of children’s homes. The care system is under pressure. Places to live for children with the most complex needs are scarce, and often not where they areContinue reading “Multi-building children’s homes: creating more capacity in the system”

Housing with care must be at the centre of social care reform

The present situation is extremely urgent. Extra Care housing is facing a looming crisis as supply fails to keep up with demand. Of the 400,000 short fall in older people’s housing units by 2030, 61,000 of these will be Extra Care. It is not just service users who will miss out if this situation isContinue reading “Housing with care must be at the centre of social care reform”

Here’s the thing with DoLS… Reflections on the LGO’s recommendations to Kent County Council

“I, like many of you, have been following the latest chapter in the DoLS saga with interest. I am referring, of course, to the Local Government Ombudsman’s report regarding Kent County Council’s delays in processing standard authorisations and Kent County Council’s, frankly very honest, response to those Ombudsman’s recommendations. But, of course, in 2009, theContinue reading “Here’s the thing with DoLS… Reflections on the LGO’s recommendations to Kent County Council”