Ambitions for Care Experienced young people and adults

Stuart Carlton reflects on a meeting with Ian Dickson – a retired social worker, Ofsted inspector, residential manager, and children’s rights advocate Support and preparation for life Firstly, time in care should be focused on always preparing for what lies ahead. Preparation for independence needs to be funded to include very practical preparations for whenContinue reading “Ambitions for Care Experienced young people and adults”

Care homes: effects of the National Living Wage

Giulia Giupponi and Stephen MachinJuly 2018 Paper No’ CEPCP529: Read Abstract | Full Paper CentrePiece 23 (2) Summer 2018  This article summarises ‘Changing the Structure of Minimum Wages: Firm Adjustment and Wage Spillovers’   by Giulia Giupponi and Stephen Machin, CEP DP No.1533, April 2018.