Children’s homes at Christmas

“The sense of camaraderie is very real” Christmas day in a children’s home can prove an emotionally rewarding and testing time for both children and staff, wrote a residential child care worker on December 16, 2014 Community Care Source: Children’s homes at Christmas: “The sense of camaraderie in the home is very real”

Enforced restrictions to care home access—unfair, unnecessary, and harmful

July 15, 2021 Separating people with dementia from their families leads to emotional distress and can trigger the worsening of clinical symptoms, write Aida Suárez-González and Jules Storr. During the past year, while the mode of transmission of covid-19 was under intense debate and international discussion, untold harms were taking place as a result ofContinue reading “Enforced restrictions to care home access—unfair, unnecessary, and harmful”

Making ratios not relationships

By Beth Jay – The Therapeutic Care Journal 1st April 2021 Reminiscing back to my time as an agency worker working in children’s homes, emotions were mixed. The excitement of a new job, meeting new people, the desire to help looked-after children and young people, and a feeling of accomplishment in getting the work experienceContinue reading “Making ratios not relationships”