Supported Decision Making & the I Decide project

Residential Forum member, James Churchill writes Something that is often overlooked in the UK’s often rancorous agonising over Brexit is that the EU does provide a helpful means for us here in the UK to work with and learn from our social care counterparts in other countries in Europe. The Erasmus+ programme provides a wideContinue reading “Supported Decision Making & the I Decide project”

Residential care: a regulatory gap

Irish Times, 8th October 2018 Reports of alleged abuse of older people and persons with disabilities increased by almost 30 per cent in the past year A report in this newspaper that one in two intellectually disabled residents in care centres in the Republic were the subject of complaints of alleged abuse is disturbing. MoreContinue reading “Residential care:
a regulatory gap”

Understanding intermediate care, including reablement

A quick guide for people using intermediate care services    Published: October 2017   Intermediate care services help people to recover from illness or an accident, to regain independence and to remain in their own homes. This guide gives people who use the services and their families and carers an overview of:        Continue reading “Understanding intermediate care, including reablement”

Home is where the heart is

Dr Theresia Baumker, Health Economics & Social Care blogged on the Housing LIN in December 2016 It is important to listen. When people who are supported by the community care system in England have family members or friends who have something to say, it is important to listen. These are the people who speak upContinue reading “Home is where the heart is”