Covid-19 deaths in care homes

David Oliver: Let’s be open and honest about covid-19 deaths in care homes It’s not politicians, officials, and NHS managers who admit or discharge hospital patients but doctors, working alongside multidisciplinary clinical teams. Many of us clearly were—in good faith, and for understandable reasons in that early pandemic context—sending people to care homes with orContinue reading “Covid-19 deaths in care homes”

CareRooms announces UK launch

Paul Gaudin, the founder and CEO of The CareRooms Ltd, has announced the launch of CareRooms to the UK market. This new service allows guests to recover in comfort, frees-up much needed beds in hospitals and helps to reduce social isolation. The death of his father in 2016, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease and wasContinue reading “CareRooms announces UK launch”

Choosing a positive future for ageing

30th  March 2018, Written by: Sara McKee “I would never put my parents into a care home.” How many times have you heard that sentence, or even uttered it yourself? We don’t see the action of moving into residential care as a positive choice actively taken by individuals but as a forced, guilty decision madeContinue reading “Choosing a positive future for ageing”

Spare room, 3 microwaved meals a day and conversation does not a substitute for care make!

Clive Bowman – Residential Forum member, medical doctor and director, experienced NED and Chair in Health and Care comments on the proposed scheme to send patients recovering from operations in Southend hospital to nearby homes where they would be put up in a spare room while they recuperate. The “gig economy” is probably a lastingContinue reading “Spare room, 3 microwaved meals a day and conversation does not a substitute for care make!”