My daughter is in a nursing home

August 24, 2019 ā€¢ rodkersh1948 It took me a few moments to understand what the old lady was telling me. During a phone conversation ā€“ I was checking-in to make sure she was OK, she explained that she had been a little upset the day before when her son-in-law had been taken to hospital. HeContinue reading “My daughter is in a nursing home”

(Dementia Just Ain’t) Sexy: My Biggest Lie

Written by Ming Ho in 2015… I have put off writing this for a long time ā€“ an episode Iā€™d rather forget. But as August has come around again, the city familiarly desolate, friends posting happy family snaps from far-flung beaches and villas, I find myself back in the bleak summer of 2011: the year IContinue reading “(Dementia Just Ain’t) Sexy: My Biggest Lie”