COVID-19 and residential care facilities: issues and concerns identified by the international network prevention of elder abuse

Marie Beaulieu, Julien Cadieux Genesse, Kevin St-Martin The Journal of Adult Protection Publication date: 13 November 2020 Abstract Purpose The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the physical, psychological, social and financial health of older persons. On this subject, the United Nations published a policy brief on the impact of COVID-19 on older persons in May 2020.Continue reading “COVID-19 and residential care facilities: issues and concerns identified by the international network prevention of elder abuse”

Care homes: averting market failure in a post-covid-19 world

Jill Manthorpe and Steve Iliffe, BMJ, 18 January 2021 We need public and political consensus about long term options Our population is not ageing well. The proportion of older people affected by medium to high disability in England is increasing, but social care cannot meet their needs and seems curiously separate from the NHS. ItContinue reading “Care homes: averting market failure in a post-covid-19 world”

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The International Long-Term Care Policy Network has a list of resources to support community and institutional Long-Term Care responses to COVID-19. The latest posts include a study of care home visiting arrangement during COVID-19 and a project looking at the experiences and support needs of caregivers of assisted living residents.


A SOCIAL MODEL OF SOCIAL CARE The Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated a significant health care response centred around the preservation of life through robust infection prevention and control (IPC). One of the challenges in this has been to ensure that the distinctive elements of social care have not been lost amidst this focus. I haveContinue reading “CORE PRINCIPLES FOR A HUMAN RIGHT TO SOCIAL CARE”

Open communications in the time of COVID-19

Thought it would be worth circulating this from June 2020 again as things can get fraught on the communications front: (ed) The Relatives & Residents Association and the National Care Forum have created a joint statement setting out shared expectations and good practice on the importance of clear, open and regular communications during theContinue reading “Open communications in the time of COVID-19”

COVID-19: visiting long-term care homes | Ontario, Canada

From Ontario, Canada there are points of learning for those devising visiting policy, procedure and practice. The policy that long-term care homes must follow is to protect residents, staff and visitors and includes sections as follows: Introduction Guiding principles LTC home responsibilities Types of visitors Access to homes Screening Essential Visitors General Visitors Managing SafeContinue reading “COVID-19: visiting long-term care homes | Ontario, Canada”

Care homes have long been neglected – the pandemic has shown us how bad things are

A topic of The Conversation Care homes have long been neglected, partly due to widespread privatisation and low levels of funding for social care. We should all hope that the coronavirus crisis marks a turning point – and a change that means care homes are finally given the funding, staffing and support they so desperatelyContinue reading “Care homes have long been neglected – the pandemic has shown us how bad things are”

If I were in a Care Home now…….. — Which me am I today?

‘I use to like it here, but all the smiley faces have gone’…..a comment from a resident with dementia in a Care Home when everyone started wearing masks….. Our lives are ebbing away, yet there’s so much risk aversion about visiting.  For those of us living with dementia, our memories are our most treasured possessions […]Continue reading “If I were in a Care Home now…….. — Which me am I today?”

Is length of life more important than quality of life?

“My mum’s death was hastened by measures in place to ‘protect’ people in homes. Her quality of life was vastly reduced. We need to ask ourselves ‘What is more important, length or quality of life?’” Back in June 2019, mum decided she wanted to move into a care home as she was finding living aloneContinue reading “Is length of life more important than quality of life?”

The Changing Conversations around Social Care……

When I say the words “Social Care” to you, what images, what thoughts spring to mind? Like most, you probably have said ‘vulnerable’ ‘needy’, for older people amongst others maybe? You’d be like most people in society. But what if we wanted to change the way people thought about Social Care? How would we doContinue reading “The Changing Conversations around Social Care……”