A good home must be a digitally connected home

Digital connectivity has become an essential part of what makes a good home, but many people are still missing out on the benefits. In this blog (9 August 2021), Ali Rogan, Good Home Inquiry Digital Consultant, talks about how the pandemic has fundamentally shifted our use and dependence on digital, the role it plays inContinue reading “A good home must be a digitally connected home”

Open communications in the time of COVID-19

Thought it would be worth circulating this from June 2020 again as things can get fraught on the communications front: (ed) https://www.relres.org/keeping-connected/ The Relatives & Residents Association and the National Care Forum have created a joint statement setting out shared expectations and good practice on the importance of clear, open and regular communications during theContinue reading “Open communications in the time of COVID-19”

Reconnecting Residential Child Care 2013

We have much we can remember, review and renew. We need to reclaim and recover the English tradition of residential child care. We must challenge conventional but inaccurate thinking about our children’s homes. The unremittingly negative image of children’s homes just isn’t found in real life.By┬áJonathan Stanley writing in March 2013 Source: Reconnecting Residential ChildContinue reading “Reconnecting Residential Child Care 2013”

Embedding Community Circles in Support for Older People Living in Residential Care Homes or Extra Care

26/04/19 For the last two years Community Circles have been working with Wigan Council and the providers of residential care and extra care support in the Borough to explore how Circles can help increase person and community centred support. Community Circles took their early learning about how Circles could work and help in these kindsContinue reading “Embedding Community Circles in Support for Older People Living in Residential Care Homes or Extra Care”