The sufficiency enigma

This short paper written by Independent Children’s Home Association’s deputy CEO, Elizabeth Cooper, is being shared in the hope of it stimulating further discussion between all parties looking to improve the sufficiency of care placements for children. The residential childcare sector is known to have insufficient capacity to meet the needs of the children comingContinue reading “The sufficiency enigma”

Labels that disable – meeting the complex needs of children in residential care

Janet Rich – independent child care consultant, August 2009 This paper is a practice based viewpoint grounded in the learning gained by the author from twenty years of delivering residential services to young people commonly regarded as ‘difficult to place’ or labelled as having ‘complex needs’. The main arguments presented are that residential care hasContinue reading “Labels that disable – meeting the complex needs of children in residential care”

Understanding care homes | ENRICH

THE CARE HOME SECTOR: HOME NOT HOSPITAL In the UK, the majority of long-term care for older people is provided by staff working in care homes. The overarching ethos in care homes is that they are places where people with complex health needs live; it is their home, and quality of life matters. Approximately 416,000Continue reading “Understanding care homes | ENRICH”