Care Homes: Dealing With Complaints

There are well over 20,000 care homes across the UK. While the majority of residents are happy and fulfilled in the homes they live in and are satisfied with the care they receive, accidents, errors and misunderstandings can always happen. It could be a specific incident, a general complaint about service or a problem withContinue reading “Care Homes: Dealing With Complaints”

How a strong Complaints Handling Procedure can provide peace of mind

In amongst the numerous daily duties and routine requirements of running a care home, it is inevitable that, occasionally, things can go wrong, and complaints will be made. When this does happen, it can sometimes result in a disproportionate amount of stress being inflicted on all parties involved. Residents’ representatives are understandably protective of theirContinue reading “How a strong Complaints Handling Procedure can provide peace of mind”

Key learnings for care providers from the Ombudsman’s report on care complaints

What is the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman and what does it do? The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman is an independent body responsible for investigating complaints about councils, adult social care providers (including care homes and home care agencies) and some local public services in a fair and impartial manner. Complaints TheContinue reading “Key learnings for care providers from the Ombudsman’s report on care complaints”

Communicating with residents – CMA guidance

In November 2018, the Competitions and Market Authority (CMA) issued guidance to UK Care Home Providers for older people, setting out consumer law obligations to protect residents, prospective residents and their representatives when using care services. The law requires that Care Home Providers understand the difficult circumstances in which people may be making decisions aboutContinue reading “Communicating with residents – CMA guidance”

Using cameras or other recording equipment to check somebody’s care

Installing a hidden camera or other recording equipment in a care home or other care service is a big decision. It can affect people’s privacy and dignity. And it can have legal consequences as well. It could help set your mind at ease about the care your loved one receives or even help identify poorContinue reading “Using cameras or other recording equipment to check somebody’s care”

Residential care: a regulatory gap

Irish Times, 8th October 2018 Reports of alleged abuse of older people and persons with disabilities increased by almost 30 per cent in the past year A report in this newspaper that one in two intellectually disabled residents in care centres in the Republic were the subject of complaints of alleged abuse is disturbing. MoreContinue reading “Residential care:
a regulatory gap”

Ombudsman care home complaints guidance

Born out of the Quality Matters initiative, which aims to improve the quality and consistency of adult social care provision across the country, the statement offers a simple bulleted guide for each stage of the complaints process. The government recognised the value of the new single complaints statement in supporting a more consistent understanding ofContinue reading “Ombudsman care home complaints guidance”