Responses to the Competitions and Market Authority Study on Childrens Social Care Provision

The CMA’s study was launched in March after concerns were raised by social work and social care leaders, including Chair of the Care Review Josh MacAlister, around the high profit margins of the private children’s home market. The watchdog invited from interested parties such as care and accommodation suppliers, local authorities, and looked-after and care-experiencedContinue reading “Responses to the Competitions and Market Authority Study on Childrens Social Care Provision”

Communicating with residents – CMA guidance

In November 2018, the Competitions and Market Authority (CMA) issued guidance to UK Care Home Providers for older people, setting out consumer law obligations to protect residents, prospective residents and their representatives when using care services. The law requires that Care Home Providers understand the difficult circumstances in which people may be making decisions aboutContinue reading “Communicating with residents – CMA guidance”

Care homes told to act now

27 November 2018 Care home providers should not delay in reviewing their operating systems and processes and terms and conditions of contract. It is likely that enforcement action will be swift and determined and will inevitably have a detrimental effect on businesses. Comprehensive advice and guidance has been issued by the Competition and Market AuthorityContinue reading “Care homes told to act now”

We want the regulator to fix care now

Time to put care into the care system Care Needs Care Now – a WHICH campaign. Our care system is at breaking point. People are struggling to find a good care home when they desperately need it. With demand for beds set to rise, the time for action is now. Help us convince the regulatorContinue reading “We want the regulator to fix care now”