Older Australians need more housing choices

Keryn Curtis, October 16, 2020 “…cohousing needs to be a serious option in the housing mix and it needs to be supported by planning policy and business leadership.” More choices needed With due respect to the retirement village industry, the reality is, if you are living in your family home and would like to ‘rightsize’Continue reading “Older Australians need more housing choices”

So, what is cohousing?

Keryn Curtis, October 28, 2020 Cohousing?  Before talking about what cohousing IS, it is important to be very clear about what it ISN’T.  Cohousing is NOT a 21st century name for a commune or a kibbutz or a student share house or whatever concept might spring unbidden to your mind’s eye. Nup.  Let’s be clearContinue reading “So, what is cohousing?”

Is co-housing the future?

“Cohousing communities are communities organised collaboratively. Residents have their own private spaces but band together to share meals and facilities, organise activities and look out for each other. The focus is on community. All that’s required is a neighbourhood where people want to band together, take care of one another and collaborate for the goodContinue reading “Is co-housing the future?”

UK’s first purpose-built LGBT+ Extra Care housing facility …

Anchor Hanover Group have been chosen as the preferred development partner to deliver and manage the Extra Care homes.   The site on Russell Road in Whalley Range, South Manchester is also the first LGBT+ older person’s housing project that has been co-produced with LGBT Foundation and the local community.   LGBT Foundation has also received Homes England funding to produce an onlineContinue reading “UK’s first purpose-built LGBT+ Extra Care housing facility …”

Co-living: Dispelling the myths

Co-living is gaining momentum in the residential property sector, writes Colin Shenton of Oppidan Life (April 2021) If you haven’t already heard of co-living you are sure to over the coming months, as developers set their sights on Manchester and Salford. While the market seeks to define what co-living is and how it differs fromContinue reading “Co-living: Dispelling the myths”

In a galaxy far, far away: ideas for Community Care Apartments

SINGAPORE: A new type of public housing with senior-friendly design features and subscription to care services was launched for sale in February’s Build-to-Order (BTO) exercise. This is an interesting read from East Devon Watch about accommodation with support (Residential Forum) By Cheryl Lin @CherylLinCNA http://www.channelnewsasia.com The flats, known as Community Care Apartments, are for homeContinue reading “In a galaxy far, far away: ideas for Community Care Apartments”

So much more than a tenancy with support

Realising the Potential of Extra Care Housing Published on January 24, 2021 LinkedIn Martin Routledge, Helen Sanderson and Sharon Wilton Pete had a passion for dogs – he had them as pets throughout his childhood, had trained them during his time in the armed forces and had worked with them in sheepdog trials for manyContinue reading “So much more than a tenancy with support”

When will we learn from history? – Community Living

Rose Trustam supported the Residential Forum. She spent over 40 years practising what she preached. In an extract from Community Living Magazine June 2020, she wrote… Our relatively recent past “My history in the North West followed a very positive strategy in Hertfordshire in the late 70’s  where as the Manager of a new 3-unitContinue reading “When will we learn from history? – Community Living”

A young life cut short – Community Living

residentialforum: “In 2010, the care home changed to supported living. Richard signed a tenancy agreement despite having no proper understanding of what it meant. Families were reassured that, while changes would affect administrative and financial matters, care would remain the same. However, unbeknown to me, changes were made to his care; bowel charts ceased andContinue reading “A young life cut short – Community Living”