Kimbilio House

Kimbilio is a community service that provides supported accommodation as well as supported living for homeless people. “We believe that a home is more than having a roof over your head; it is a place where one feels LOVED. Love can mean many things to different people. For us, however, LOVE is an acronym forContinue reading “Kimbilio House”

A Unique Children’s Hospice that Combines Zen and Christian Principals

Tim Langdell – – 2015 The hard, cold fact is that in our society children are apparently not “meant” to die: yet on average every day, in Southern California alone, a child dies of cancer or some other terminal disease, often dying in agony arising from our society’s obsession with cure over comfort, andContinue reading “A Unique Children’s Hospice that Combines Zen and Christian Principals”

Canadian Indian residential school system – Wikipedia

In Canada, the Indian residential school system was a network of boarding schools for Indigenous peoples. The network was funded by the Canadian government’s Department of Indian Affairs and administered by Christian churches. The school system was created for the purpose of removing Indigenous children from the influence of their own culture and assimilating themContinue reading “Canadian Indian residential school system – Wikipedia”