Our Care Our Say: “Is this the time people are going to listen?”

The ‘Our Care, Our Say’ report sets out what care experienced people think should be done. This report ensures that the advice from care experienced people is spelled-out loud and clear.  It is hoped by all those who contributed to the survey and event that the views set out in this report will inform theContinue reading “Our Care Our Say: “Is this the time people are going to listen?””

Children’s homes workforce literature review and call for evidence

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) recommended in its Interim Report (April 2018), that the Department for Education (DfE) introduces registration of staff working in care roles in children’s homes. They recommended an independent body be responsible for setting and maintaining standards of training, conduct and continuing professional development, with the power toContinue reading “Children’s homes workforce literature review and call for evidence”

Children, food and care

Iriss Insight 22, By Ruth Emond, Ian McIntosh, Samantha Punch and Claire Lightowler Published on 6 Nov 2013 13 min read (3458 words) This Iriss Insight reviews the evidence about how food practices affect children in different care settings, drawing heavily from the experience of children in foster and residential care. However, many of theContinue reading “Children, food and care”

Children in Care – Larry

Originally posted on Renegades Escapades:
(Larry’s name has been changed.) £1,200,000 ($1,630,000) is a lot of money. It’s the cost of four average homes in the U.K. or four years at University for thirty three students or the amount needed to support a family of four for 26 years. It’s also how much one Local…

Reimagining residential children’s homes

Published: 23/06/2020, Author: Tucker M This think piece explores decisions, processes and key challenges for those involved in decision-making for children either living in residential care, or for whom residential care is being considered. It is one of three available from Research in Practice as a digital download…It is a Premium Resource – that isContinue reading “Reimagining residential children’s homes”

Children’s social care questionnaires 2021

Summary of findings This year, we received over 7,400 more responses to the survey from all audience types than we did last year. The number of responses from children was more or less the same as last year. While a lot of children said that they would like COVID-19 (coronavirus) to ‘go away’, they commentedContinue reading “Children’s social care questionnaires 2021”

The Case for Change – The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care

The Case for Change is the Review’s early thinking about what needs to change in the children’s social care system. There is a lot in this for Residential Forum (England) members to consider some of the headlines on a first scan are: There are not enough homes in the right places with the right supportContinue reading “The Case for Change – The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care”

Proposed national standards for unregulated accommodation

A consultation on the proposals, published on 24 May 2021, lists four standards – leadership and management, protection, accommodation, and support. Deadline: The consultation closes on 19 July 2021. CYP Now Source: https://www.cypnow.co.uk/news/article/government-sets-out-proposed-national-standards-for-unregulated-accommodation

A residential child care worker’s Queen’s Speech

My lords and members of the House of Commons. My Government’s priority is to deliver a national recovery from the pandemic that makes the United Kingdom stronger, healthier and more prosperous than before. To achieve this, my Government will……….according to Jonathan Stanley and Ed Nixon,Friday, May 14, 2021 Read in full at CYP Now SourceContinue reading “A residential child care worker’s Queen’s Speech”