What is an intergenerational care nursery like?

There are many well documented benefits of Intergenerational Care to children and the elderly, but what does it look like in practice? ​​Intergenerational care is a program that embraces the younger and older generations by providing care and activities in an environment shared between them. The benefits of an intergenerational care setting are immense forContinue reading “What is an intergenerational care nursery like?”

Children, food and care

Iriss Insight 22, By Ruth Emond, Ian McIntosh, Samantha Punch and Claire Lightowler Published on 6 Nov 2013 13 min read (3458 words) This Iriss Insight reviews the evidence about how food practices affect children in different care settings, drawing heavily from the experience of children in foster and residential care. However, many of theContinue reading “Children, food and care”

The Care Home Handbook

The sections covered in the handbook are comprehensive and nothing about care home life is left untouched. Additionally, there is an external focus on engagement  with working with other professionals in the health and care systems. Each section is helpful, brief and accessible and reports the topics through the personalisation lens. This book should beContinue reading “The Care Home Handbook”

Thank you for your correspondence about the CARE badge

residentialforum: The Department of Health and Social Care announced on 23 October 2020 that they are now providing CARE badges free of charge to staff employed across the adult social care sector Go to https://badges.adultsocialcare.uk/ for information on ordering The Department of Health and Social Care had announced 15 April 2020  that it was takingContinue reading “Thank you for your correspondence about the CARE badge”

A message from the Residential Forum chair – Dame Gillian Wagner

If I ever had doubts as to whether the Residential Forum still had a role to play, they have been swept away by Covid 19.  How sad and ironic that it takes the tragedy of the deaths in residential care homes for government to realise just what an important role residential care and the careContinue reading “A message from the Residential Forum chair – Dame Gillian Wagner”

Care Review reports – Independent Care Review

The Care Review has produced seven main reports:   The Promise (and a Pinky Promise for younger readers) The Plan The Money and Follow the Money The Rules Thank you The Promise reflects what over 5,500 care experienced children and adults, families and the paid and unpaid workforce told the Care Review in the hopeContinue reading “Care Review reports – Independent Care Review”

The Commission on Residential Care – Demos

The Commission on Residential Care was formed in July 2013 to explore the future of residential care in its broadest sense – from care homes to extra care villages and supported living, for older and disabled people. Chaired by former Care Services Minister Paul Burstow MP and composed of a group of academics, experts andContinue reading “The Commission on Residential Care – Demos”

Pragmatic Solutions to Care Problems – What does good care look like & how do we look after the carers?

What does good care look like & how do we look after the carers? Living well and free from harm – how do we protect against physical, financial, emotional exploitation and abuse. How do we protect those who need care and those who are the carers from harm? What does that harm look like? ThisContinue reading “Pragmatic Solutions to Care Problems – What does good care look like & how do we look after the carers?”

The Howard League | Going missing from residential care

Howard League for Penal reform briefing This is our story: Children and young people on criminalisation in residential care Samantha (not her real name) talked about how she had regularly gone missing from care and how it felt when no-one seemed to care why she was running away. A 19-year-old care leaver wrote about herContinue reading “The Howard League | Going missing from residential care”