Efficient/effective commissioning | “Death by Paperwork”

The Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers (NAFP), Independent Children’s Home Association (ICHA) and the National Association of Independent Schools and Non-Maintained Special Schools (NASS) represent over 400 providers of children’s services, meeting the needs of over 17,500 children. A joint survey by the three providers’ organisations in 2012 highlighted faults in local authority procurement ofContinue reading “Efficient/effective commissioning | “Death by Paperwork””

Is excessive paperwork in care homes undermining care for older people?

Joy Warmington, Asif Afridi and William Foreman  28th Feb 2014 Are older people in care homes missing out on quality time with staff because workers are preoccupied with paperwork? Care homes have to regularly complete more than 100 separate items of paperwork, often duplicating the same information, this study found. Researchers visited care homes andContinue reading “Is excessive paperwork in care homes undermining care for older people?”

Just when is residential care not residential care?

  Nick Johnson, former Chief Executive of the Social Care Association, social care practitioner, manager and member of the Residential Forum considers some of the challenges to the purpose and image of residential care home living. Many years ago, when trying to define whether a couple were cohabiting for benefit entitlement, the criteria were, “commonContinue reading “Just when is residential care not residential care?”