Reflections on the Care Review Debate

Dez Holmes blogs: I am pleased that the Chair of the Review recently published a blog  sharing ‘three dilemmas’ that he feels are emerging, and I will continue to encourage more public sharing of this kind… I think most of us would agree that change is needed, but we need to explain why things needContinue reading “Reflections on the Care Review Debate”

Thinking out loud: three dilemmas

The continuum of help and protection Local, regional, national Freedom and responsibility The Review Chair says: There aren’t straightforward answers, but how the review works through these issues will shape the kind of recommendations we make to government next Spring. Read the thoughts in full at… The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care source:

Incident reporting in care homes

New study open for recruitment across England Kate Byrnes is a senior research assistant working on the ‘Safe System Transition’ (SafeST) research study at Northumbria University. ( It aims to gain a better understanding of incident reporting in care homes and from this to co-design a systems-level response to safety issues for people transitioning betweenContinue reading “Incident reporting in care homes”

How the Power of Intergenerational Friendships Can Enhance the Lives of Those Residing in Care Homes

Neil Gandecha, Estate Manager at Foxholes Care Home ( 31 August 2021 writes… It’s no secret that the health and social care sector has been disrupted immeasurably throughout an unprecedented 18 months. Such a testing and unparalleled period has certainly heightened our sense of grief and, at times, seen us lose touch with reality. FromContinue reading “How the Power of Intergenerational Friendships Can Enhance the Lives of Those Residing in Care Homes”

Shannon Hassard

Originally posted on Renegades Escapades:
I only cry watching a certain type of movie. It’s when someone overcomes tremendous adversity to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. I can’t stop it, the tears just flow from my eyes as I witness a heroic act: David overcoming Goliath, Joan of Arc leading the French rebellion, Ghandi on…

Workforce challenges in social care

Charles Armitage, Jul 27·5 min read Writing on Medium, Charles Armitage says: “In the last few weeks, things have changed across social care. A number of new dynamics have emerged that, when taken together, are creating the perfect recruitment and retention storm. Every care provider I’ve spoken to over the past few weeks has toldContinue reading “Workforce challenges in social care”

Ofsted data on childrens homes…

Kevin Gallagher • 1st MD: Amberleigh Care Ltd, Director: The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities, Organisational Consultant, PhD researcher Just reviewing some of the recent Ofsted data on childrens homes by sector (private, state and 3rd) looking at both the % proportion of homes, but also the % proportion of beds. I’m very engaged in thisContinue reading “Ofsted data on childrens homes…”

The bridge of care:  from present reality to future hope

14th August 2021 by donald.macaskill We have to chase away the falsity of infection prevention practices which negate human living by treating a care home like an acute infection unit. Scottish Care source:

A good home must be a digitally connected home

Digital connectivity has become an essential part of what makes a good home, but many people are still missing out on the benefits. In this blog (9 August 2021), Ali Rogan, Good Home Inquiry Digital Consultant, talks about how the pandemic has fundamentally shifted our use and dependence on digital, the role it plays inContinue reading “A good home must be a digitally connected home”

Social care is a prisoner of its history

David Brindle is a care sector commentator and former public services editor of the Guardian. His opinion for Social Care Today, 19 July 2021…. Social care is in many ways a prisoner of its history. Serial failure by governments of the past 25 years to put it on a sustainable footing is ascribed usually to politicalContinue reading “Social care is a prisoner of its history”