Beyond Words – Cooking with Friends

“Home comes in many different shapes and sizes but whoever we are and wherever we live, we need our home to be the place where we feel safest. That’s not always possible for reasons of finance or family turmoil or because a disabled person is deemed too needy to be supported at home. My life’sContinue reading “Beyond Words – Cooking with Friends”

New Perspectives for Residential Child Care in 2022

4th January 2022 Jonathan Stanley Change is necessary: 2021 – Providers, property, profits 2022 – People, practice, pay. Unless we shift we’re on a carousel. This is the work NCERCC is committed to in 2022. See the most recent blogs from NCERCC at… NCERCC source:

Home Hub

Home Renaissance Foundation’s pioneering book on the home and the challenges and opportunities of new technologies. The Home in the Digital Age seeks to place the home at the heart – or as the hub – of the ethical, social and economic considerations generated by the AI revolution. When this […] Home Hub

Why is home so important to us?

“Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.” “Home is where the heart is.” These well-known expressions indicate that home is somewhere that is both desirable and that exists in the mind’s eye as much as in a particular physical location. Across cultures and over the centuries people of varied means have madeContinue reading “Why is home so important to us?”

Children’s homes at Christmas

“The sense of camaraderie is very real” Christmas day in a children’s home can prove an emotionally rewarding and testing time for both children and staff, wrote a residential child care worker on December 16, 2014 Community Care Source: Children’s homes at Christmas: “The sense of camaraderie in the home is very real”

Building and disseminating the evidence base on younger people in residential aged care

Falling through the cracks Over 4,100 people with disability under the age of 65 currently live in Australian nursing homes, because they have fallen through the cracks between the hospital, disability and housing services. These people, referred to as ‘Younger People in Residential Aged Care’, have the right, under the United Nations Convention on theContinue reading “Building and disseminating the evidence base on younger people in residential aged care”

Words that make me go hmmm: “Strengths-based”

Posted 11th December 2021 Bryony Shannon unpicks some of the language associated with the term “strengths-based”. Independence Resilience Empowerment Signposting Assessment Outcomes Training Her blog illustrates “what’s wrong, not what’s strong – and why it’s time to stop talking about ‘strengths-based’ practice.” A great and thought provoking read… in full at… Rewriting social care source:Continue reading “Words that make me go hmmm: “Strengths-based””

Ambitions for Care Experienced young people and adults

Stuart Carlton reflects on a meeting with Ian Dickson – a retired social worker, Ofsted inspector, residential manager, and children’s rights advocate Support and preparation for life Firstly, time in care should be focused on always preparing for what lies ahead. Preparation for independence needs to be funded to include very practical preparations for whenContinue reading “Ambitions for Care Experienced young people and adults”

Developing our assessments of quality in systems

“The Health and Care Bill gives CQC new powers to assess local authorities on the delivery of their social care duties, and, following the recent amendment, to have oversight of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs).” What would be helpful for care homes would be oversight of: application of safeguarding thresholds in residential and day care settingsContinue reading “Developing our assessments of quality in systems”

“Because I Grew Up In An Orphanage”

I was raised in care of the state. I am neither proud of it or ashamed of it. I would like to live in a world where future care leavers don’t suffer long silences & superficial victim or bootstraps narratives…… Read this blog in full at… Benjamin Perks : Blogsite source: NB: This isContinue reading ““Because I Grew Up In An Orphanage””

What is the Housing and Dementia Research Consortium?

Why might you want to join Dementia is a major challenge for all of us and has escalated in importance on the public policy agenda. With the right support and early diagnosis people living with dementia can have a good quality of life. We know housing is a major part of the solution to livingContinue reading “What is the Housing and Dementia Research Consortium?”

SWOP: Exploring social work with older people

This research project will make recommendations about how social workers can best support older people and carers, including how they work with other agencies. We will identify how the government and employers can best invest in, support and recognise social work knowledge and skills.  The Residential Forum suggest that some of the aspects of effectiveContinue reading “SWOP: Exploring social work with older people”

The Woman Fighting for Care Leavers’ Right to Housing

by Emily Goddard, November 2021 If you’ve been raised in the care system, it can be almost impossible to find a guarantor for a rental property. Mary-anne Hodd is changing that. There is a solution to the problems care leavers face when trying to move into independent rented accommodation, Hodd says. The idea came toContinue reading “The Woman Fighting for Care Leavers’ Right to Housing”

Better retirement communities will reduce the social care burden

By Will Bax, Thu 4 November 2021 There is a wider societal benefit to be gained if more housing with care is available… the chief executive of Retirement Villages Group makes the case…one of the lessons of the Covid crisis is that, outside care homes, there were specialist residential options for older people that recordedContinue reading “Better retirement communities will reduce the social care burden”

This Too Shall Pass

What It’s Like Working at a Nursing Home in a Pandemic 5 min read | Oct 2021 A housekeeper shares the experience of providing care for elderly patients suffering from COVID-19. Growing up, whenever something bad happened or I was going through hard times, my grandmother used to say, “This too shall pass.” Born inContinue reading “This Too Shall Pass”