Severe obesity rising and care homes that cater for it ‘hard to find’

The social care needs for people with severe obesity include costly housing adaptations, specialised equipment and care worker provision. Needing to purchase ‘two adjacent rooms’ A director of adult social services said: “We are observing an increase in special purchase beds and the need for specialist equipment for those needing bariatric care at home orContinue reading “Severe obesity rising and care homes that cater for it ‘hard to find’”

The Last Homely House

After many adventures, Bilbo moved from his independent life at Bag End to a retirement home. The House of Elrond in Rivendell provided him with a welcome and a safe space to age, write his memoirs and build his friendships before taking ship to the Undying Lands. It was his Last Homely House. READ THISContinue reading “The Last Homely House”