Is it time for all policy to consider the needs of care leavers?

Posted on July 20, 2021 by Christine Garrington Every policy should take into account the needs of care-leavers, participants at the launch of a major new research report on outcomes from a childhood in care were told. The Nuffield Foundation funded study, which pushes forward the boundaries of knowledge by looking at what happens inContinue reading “Is it time for all policy to consider the needs of care leavers?”

The Commission on Residential Care – Demos

The Commission on Residential Care was formed in July 2013 to explore the future of residential care in its broadest sense – from care homes to extra care villages and supported living, for older and disabled people. Chaired by former Care Services Minister Paul Burstow MP and composed of a group of academics, experts andContinue reading “The Commission on Residential Care – Demos”

Activity provision self-assessment tool

Culture Environment Individual Management Planning Resources Skills Social and community This simple, easy-to-use tool will help you create an action plan for your organisation. You’ll be able to use the tool to: identify and define actions that need to be taken identify who is responsible for each action add timescales for all required actions includeContinue reading “Activity provision self-assessment tool”

Reducing Older People’s Need for Care: Exploring risk factors for loss of independence – Executive Summary – Institute of Public Care – Oxford Brookes University

The report proposes, and explores in detail, three risk factor ‘domains’: Social and Psychosocial Domain Long term or Personal Conditions Domain Life Events Domain Risk factors are then further grouped as follows: Modifiable risk factors such as depression or loneliness, where specific support or services can be offered to minimise their impact. Non-modifiable risk factorsContinue reading “Reducing Older People’s Need for Care: Exploring risk factors for loss of independence – Executive Summary – Institute of Public Care – Oxford Brookes University”

MOOC Social Pedagogy across Europe – Introductory Video Combining a series of short videos, further reading resources, quizzes, reflective questions and peer-led discussions, the MOOC is aimed at practitioners across all education and social care settings as well as (prospective) students. You can self-pace your progression through the 8 sessions. We’ve designed these to encourageContinue reading

New ways of working in adult care services

New ways of working in adult social care services. In this packed but readable guide we have drawn together some of the many new ideas and approaches from across our vibrant, innovative and forward looking sector. It includes new ways for services to work together locally, digital applications, innovation in care practice, and a lookContinue reading “New ways of working in adult care services”

Social pedagogy in the UK: theory and practice

by Kieron Hatton  This introductory text: discusses the development of social pedagogy as an academic discipline; explores its influence on UK debates about welfare practice. It provides the theoretical structure for understanding: the potential of social pedagogy in UK welfare practice; how key ideas from within social pedagogy can be linked to ideas of inclusion,Continue reading “Social pedagogy in the UK: theory and practice”

Better services for care homes

To help develop the local market to provide services tailored to the needs of present and future residents of your care home you need:          a thorough knowledge of the people who live there now – their histories, preferences, interests and capacities             a clear understanding of theContinue reading “Better services for care homes”

Introducing Massive Open Online Course in Social Pedagogy Across Europe

THEMPRA have been leading on an international project to develop a massive open online course in social pedagogy. The project involves 8 organisations from across 6 countries, all of which offer educational programmes on social pedagogy. Each team has been actively producing 8 sessions, throughout which we’ll introduce you to social pedagogy in the UK,Continue reading “Introducing Massive Open Online Course in Social Pedagogy Across Europe”

ThemPra Diamond course (3 days)

The Diamond Model outlines the overarching aims and aspirations of social pedagogy and illustrates the role of social pedagogical practitioners to help people of all ages discover their innate potential and resources. As an introductory course aiming to raise awareness and create further interest in social pedagogy, the 3-day Diamond course enables participants to experientiallyContinue reading “ThemPra Diamond course (3 days)”