The Blair Academy BBC Online 2019

People do say to me, ‘hip hop? Are you sure?’ They assume that I take 50 huge gangster rappers into a care home! That’s the kind of look I get. But the culture can be so beneficial when it preaches peach, love, unity and having fun. We could certainly do with more of that!” VoicesContinue reading “The Blair Academy BBC Online 2019”

A Day in the Life of a Residential Childcare Worker

In the office I’m given a brief handover by the team leader, one young person has declined going to ‘contact’ with his mum, another has yet to get out of bed because he is struggling with his forthcoming transition to live with foster carers, one is already out for the day and two are watchingContinue reading “A Day in the Life of a Residential Childcare Worker”

Chinese New Year Celebrations in place at St John’s Court Care Home, Bromsgrove

“Our residents are thrilled to have received their vaccination and also thrilled about celebrating Chinese New Year, and we are going to make sure we all have some fun during the preparations” Jacqui Harris, the Manager at St John’s Court In Chinese culture, the Ox is a valued animal, because of its role in agricultureContinue reading “Chinese New Year Celebrations in place at St John’s Court Care Home, Bromsgrove”

Castleford House Nursing Home – Best Care Home Practice

Story of shaking up Lifestyles team at Castleford House Nursing Home “people don’t come here to die – they come here to continue to live.” Shock Exasperation Change Evolution Read in full at source:

COVID-19 ‘Lockdown Learnings’ – care homes share things they found helpful

My Home Life, November 24, 2020 Staff from a group of care homes have shared with us at My Home Life England some of the things they found helpful during the first lockdown of 2020. These ‘Lockdown Learnings’ may be of interest to other care homes. The thoughts of 12 care home managers and activityContinue reading “COVID-19 ‘Lockdown Learnings’ – care homes share things they found helpful”

Visions of hope: UK care home residents’ lockdown art

Ian comes from an artistic background; he has always been an artist and his children are artists too. It is an important part of his identity and staff at Craigielea care home in Renfrew, Scotland, encourage and support Ian, who is living with dementia, to continue his art work. Throughout lockdown, Ian has drawn everyContinue reading “Visions of hope: UK care home residents’ lockdown art”

Care Home Futures — Future Health and Wellbeing

Creative exploring care home futures Background ‘Creatively exploring care homes futures’ involved a collaboration with the University of the West of Scotland and Scottish Care to explore the image and vision of care homes in the near future. Involving the perspectives of care home providers, staff and residents, this project aimed to ensure that explorationContinue reading “Care Home Futures — Future Health and Wellbeing”

Skeleton Science and the Older Generation

The Millings Residential Care Home, Bedale, in North Yorkshire This pilot study was funded by Durham University and included short talks on archaeology, including how archaeological sites are discovered and excavated, and the different specialisms, including pottery, animal and plant remains, and human skeletons. Local sites of interest were included in discussions, and especially referencesContinue reading “Skeleton Science and the Older Generation”

When life gives us lemons, we make lemon drizzle cake…

Registered manager Felicity White looks at how they made the most of 7 acres of gardens where people could enjoy the outdoors safely. Felicity is also Co-Chair of the Skills for Care Registered Manager Network in Mid Kent. When life gives us lemons, we make lemon drizzle cake…