Resident-to-resident harm in care homes and residential settings

SCIE to look at the research evidence to establish what techniques and practices might be considered best practice in this area of work. Unfortunately, the research review found little in the way of evidence to support good practice in this area. Specifically, this report aims to identify current research, policy and practice about resident-to-resident abuseContinue reading “Resident-to-resident harm in care homes and residential settings”

Safeguarding adults in care homes

Overview | Guidance | NICE This guideline covers keeping adults in care homes safe from abuse and neglect. It includes potential indicators of abuse and neglect by individuals or organisations, and covers the safeguarding process from when a concern is first identified through to section 42 safeguarding enquiries. There are recommendations on policy, training, andContinue reading “Safeguarding adults in care homes”

Chris Hatton’s blog

I’ve just been listening again to the hearing of the Joint Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, where two members of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) are grilled about their lamentable (to put it charitably) ‘inspection’ practices in relation to Whorlton Hall and St Andrews. One of the repeated refrains of the CQC people (apart from blamingContinue reading “Chris Hatton’s blog”

Another Kind of Home: the Skinner Report

by Angus Skinner Social Work Services Inspectorate for Scotland (1992) Another kind of home: a review of residential child care (Edinburgh: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office) Though produced in the shadow of abuse inquiries in England and Scotland, this report by Angus Skinner stands in much the same relationship to the first Utting Report (1991) asContinue reading “Another Kind of Home: the Skinner Report”