Remembering the past, enhancing the present and sharing the future

A qualitative study of the impact of film screenings in care home communities Jenna P Breckenridge, Thilo Kroll, Gavin Wylie, Ana Salzberg: Ageing and Society, vol 41, no 11, November 2021 Many care home residents lack opportunities for meaningful activity and social connection, resulting in poor physical and emotional well-being. Providing residents with varied activitiesContinue reading “Remembering the past, enhancing the present and sharing the future”

Attitudes to Ageing

The role we play as comms professionals: Niall Ryan 4 January 2022 “Words have the power to influence how we think both positively and negatively and can create long-lasting stereotypes – like around the topic of ageing. We are enjoying much longer lives than generations before us, which opens up a wealth of opportunities forContinue reading “Attitudes to Ageing”

Our Last Move

“It has been about 18 months since we first started thinking about selling and moving to a senior retirement community; now, we are a couple of months away from moving to our new home. We have moved many times in our 40+ years of marriage, and hopefully, this is the last move. We focused onContinue reading “Our Last Move”

A “sense of home”

ABSTRACT Perceptions and expectations of elderly people about residential care facilities The choice to move to residential care facilities is crucial in the lives of the elderly. The decision to move into residential care is often seen as a last resort because older people may prefer to stay at home. However, sometimes this is notContinue reading “A “sense of home””

Home Hub

Home Renaissance Foundation’s pioneering book on the home and the challenges and opportunities of new technologies. The Home in the Digital Age seeks to place the home at the heart – or as the hub – of the ethical, social and economic considerations generated by the AI revolution. When this […] Home Hub

People, Care and Work in the Home

The editors note in their introductory chapter, while books on home relations and environments are typically defined by specific discipline or research areas, such as psychology, sociology, geography, ethnology, and others, this book engages a multitude of research domains based on shared enquiries on the home as a place of care, of people, and ofContinue reading “People, Care and Work in the Home”

Care home visitor policies: a global scan of the latest strategies in countries with high vaccination rates

A global scan of the latest strategies in countries with high vaccination rates November 25, 2021. This scan has been carried out by members of LTC covid network, a global platform that shares learning on COVID policy and practice responses in long-term care systems. It includes detailed case studies from six countries: Australia, Canada, Iceland,Continue reading “Care home visitor policies: a global scan of the latest strategies in countries with high vaccination rates”

Barney Fields Elders

Cohousing Barney Fields Elders is an over 55s Co-housing community which will be located in a quiet and sunny corner of the wider Barney Fields development within a short walk of the village centre. What is Cohousing? Cohousing is a way of providing homes that is well established internationally and is now increasing in popularityContinue reading “Barney Fields Elders”

The rights of older people in care homes have been neglected for too long. Now is the time for change

April 29, 2021 The focus on care homes throughout the pandemic must lead to action on long-standing issues that COVID-19 has exposed so ruthlessly, writes Heléna Herklots, Older People’s Commissioner for Wales  The pandemic has been an incredibly difficult time for care homes across the UK. Not only have thousands of older people living inContinue reading “The rights of older people in care homes have been neglected for too long. Now is the time for change”

Tell me more

Care home resident engagement project The Tell Me More Project, funded by Welsh Government is all about reaching into care home settings and hearing from the residents so they can share their experiences and hopes for the future. The project recorded people’s voices via Zoom video and resident’s faces in the form of 2D andContinue reading “Tell me more”

Avoiding Burn Out of Care Home Workforce

AIMSThis small study focused on the resources available and used to support the wellbeing and mental health of frontline care workers (FCW) in care homes for older people. It had two aims; (1) to identify and collate key resources of relevance to FCWs and (2) to share these and other activities, initiatives and learning fromContinue reading “Avoiding Burn Out of Care Home Workforce”

The Development of a Care Home Data Platform in Scotland

Insights from the Care Home Innovation Partnership, Lothian – first posted in August 2020 ABSTRACT “Care homes collect a large amount of data about their residents, and the care provided, but there is a lack of consistency in how this information is collected. There is also a need to minimise the burden of data collectionContinue reading “The Development of a Care Home Data Platform in Scotland”

Retirement communities: Ageism exists even among the elderly

In research—published in The Gerontologist—80 in-depth interviews were carried out with older people about their experiences of living in retirement villages across the UK and Australia. The researchers were particularly interested in why people sought out retirement living and how their needs matched or contradicted those of other residents. It was not expected to findContinue reading “Retirement communities: Ageism exists even among the elderly”

Does Moving to a Nursing Home Cause Depression?

Marlo Sollitto, December 2021 Today’s skilled nursing facilities are considerably different from the nursing homes of yesteryear. They feature larger rooms, visits from pets and even gardens. Still, for many seniors, the move to one of these long-term care facilities is representative of the end of the road. The simultaneous loss of independence, a long-timeContinue reading “Does Moving to a Nursing Home Cause Depression?”

Thursday morning. Not another blog about advance care planning!

Originally posted on Dr Odd's Blog (almondemotion):
I have been writing about advance care plans for a while. Not necessarily ‘before they were fashionable’ – trend setting has never been my thing, yet, suffice it to say, for a while. (See here from 2017). We held another of our Covid Conversations on Thursday. Essentially,…