Developing resources And minimum data set for Care Homes’ Adoption study (DACHA)

The four-year project started in November 2019. The 14 collaborators come from seven ARCs, nine universities, the National Care Forum, The Health Foundation, and the Alzheimer’s Society Research Network. It is divided into five work packages.

  • Research in and with care homes. You can read more about Work Package 1 here.
  • Creation of an individual patient data (IPD) repository of UK care home trials. You can read more about Work Package 2 here.
  • Development and implementation of a MDS. You can read more about Work Package 3 here.
  • Data linkage of existing administrative data sources to inform the prototype MDS  
  • Longitudinal pilot of the MDS    


Source: Developing resources And minimum data set for Care Homes’ Adoption study (DACHA) -AMM01 | ARC east of England

Social care reform: it’s more than just money

Clive Bowman, Residential Forum member, has a new blog on the website of the International Longevity Centre UK. An interesting contribution that focuses on the particular challenges around care homes and older people. The propositions are both directed at the systems and as well as the structures of social care. They are big and bold raising many questions but warrant serious consideration and debate. A taster….

Assessment, care planning and surveillance should and could be provided as a public service aligned to support the individual. A starting point could be the establishment of a National Care Home Commission (NCHC) as an executive agency within the Department of Health and Social Care with regional and district structures consolidating and repurposing the resources of the various NHS, local authority and regulatory bodies into a new organisation whose mission would be aligned to the assessment of individual needs, care planning and the coordination and surveillance of care. Imagine, just one service to contact!

Read in full at ILCUK Source: Social care reform: it’s more than just money – ILCUK

Clive Bowman

“Could an Increased Focus on Identity Development in the Provision of Children’s Services Help Shape Positive Outcomes for Care Leavers?”

A Literature Review: Child Care in Practice: Vol 24, No 1, Published online: 16 Aug 2016, Lara Ferguson

“Children’s Services in this review is taken to mean all agencies involved in the provision of services to children and young people in and leaving care. Although outcomes for children in care have improved in recent years, there still remains a large widening gap between these and the outcomes for all children. Therefore understanding differences in how young people manage, can provide important policy and practice implications”. There are purchase options for this item…..


Data on notifications of COVID-19 deaths received from individual care homes expected to be published at July CQC public Board meeting

“Providers will be given advance sight of the information they have previously provided to us to ensure they have had the right conversations with people in their care and their loved ones. It will also give our Board the opportunity to have a full public discussion about this data.

The data will let people see the number of death notifications relating to COVID-19 we have received from every care home location in England over the course of the pandemic, as well as how many death notifications we have received in a local authority area”. Read the news item in full at….

Care Quality Commission Source:

Our reflections on recruiting staff for our new children’s home – Lighthouse Children’s Homes

“Having recently finished our first full round of recruitment a few weeks ago, I have been reflecting on some of the key learnings from this experience” (Sinead Kirrane, Senior Development Manager).

  • Recruiting a team
  • The value of young people’s perspectives
  • Working in a children’s home isn’t about sitting behind a desk all day, so why would we recruit like that?
  • Having an informal conversation
  • There is no ‘right’ answer’

Read in full at source: Our reflections on recruiting staff for our new children’s home – Lighthouse Children’s Homes

The Father

The Father eventually unravels itself sufficiently for the viewer to read the situation clearly, even if poor Anthony can’t. By the time he’s found himself alone in a nursing home, we understand what’s happened to him, and the situation is all the more heartrending because Anthony is very much himself.


Reimagining residential children’s homes

Published: 23/06/2020, Author: Tucker M

This think piece explores decisions, processes and key challenges for those involved in decision-making for children either living in residential care, or for whom residential care is being considered.

It is one of three available from Research in Practice as a digital download…It is a Premium Resource – that is through RiP membership or by payment.

New age living: Can urban retirement villages transform town centres?

Retirement communities in urban areas can release underused housing, relieve pressure on health services and revive town centres. They can also rewrite our social contract with the elderly, argues Guy Flintoft (8 minute read)…read in full at…

Source, The Planner:

Keeping Mum in her own home

Deprivation of Liberty and Powers of Attorney for health and welfare

By Celia Kitzinger, 28th June 2021

So, even if someone has given me clear and strongly-worded directions that I am to keep them out of a care home at all costs – which might include locking them inside their home and using video-cameras to keep them safe – I gathered from this hearing that I’m probably not able to do that without the Court of Protection getting involved.

Promoting Open Justice in the Court of Protection

Read in full at source:

Trudeau says Canadians ‘horrified and ashamed’ of forced assimilation

An estimated 751 unmarked graves were recently discovered on the grounds of the former Marieval Indian residential school in Saskatchewan which operated from 1899 to 1997. Last month, 215 remains were reported at a similar school in British Columbia

Source The Guardian 25/06/21:

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