The Residential Forum


Founded in 1994 on the initiative of Dame Gillian Wagner and with the support of the National Institute for Social Work the Residential Forum promotes the achievement of high standards of support and care for children and adults living in residential care and nursing care homes, supported housing, residential schools and colleges, hospices and hostels. It contributes to improving the quality of public life by recognising that we all have families, are interdependent in our communities and live in a variety of settings, often with other people, in accommodation that is our home.

The Residential Forum is:
  • Is UK wide….
  • Spans the full breadth of residential care (children and young people, adults and older people)
  • Has a membership with considerable knowledge and experience
  • Provides a unique opportunity for influential leadership and exchange
  • Is supported by a growing number of people who share
  • Supports new members to develop their strategic leadership skills
  • Membership of the Residential Forum is by invitation.

What we do

  • Think
  • Communicate
  • Influence

Who are we?


We are a small and passionate team, dedicated to promoting the achievement of high standards of care for children and adults in nursing homes, residential homes and schools, and to contribute to improving the quality of service to the public

Members and Supporters

Members of the Forum are people of standing and experience drawn from public, private and voluntary organisations. They contribute from various standpoints – practitioners, managers, professionals, educators, policy makers, business owners, volunteers, carers and experts.

Supporters are people who share the purpose of the Forum and have indicated that they find being involved useful

Their responsibilities are to:

  • To keep their knowledge and understanding current
  • Engage fully in debate
  • Share knowledge and information
  • Promote the Residential Forum
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