A Teaching Care Home pilot

Apr 25, 2017 | REPORTS

The Teaching Care Home, above all else, aimed to champion,
empower and inspire the sector and create a legacy of learning for
future care homes and nursing in the sector.

The pilot is a Department of Health funded programme of work, led by
Care England (the leading representative body for independent care
services in England). It was conceived after the Care Sector Nursing
Taskforce called for a programme of work to respond to some of the most
prescient challenges facing the sector. Namely, to empower and embolden
the workforce in care home nursing, with a desire to harness and promote
care, knowledge and skills development.

The pilot set out to change and challenge prevailing perceptions:
recognising that the key to sustainability in the sector is through
workforce training and development and through this delivering improved
health and care outcomes for residents. It aimed to ensure that people
who are training to be the next generation of health and social care
professionals, could learn from the experience of the care home sector,
and would be better equipped to manage the health complexities and
social care needs of an ageing population.

Thanks to the commitment, professionalism, and passion of the people
working in care homes that were part of this pilot, we have seen the
benefits of the care home as a centre of training and practice
development.  Included below are the people without whom this entire
pilot and associated reports would not have been possible:

  • Prof Deborah Sturdy OBE
  • Prof Martin Green OBE
  • Dr Theresa Shaw (Foundation of Nursing Studies)
  • Kate Sanders (Foundation of Nursing Studies)
  • Dr Kirsten Jack (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Prof Josie Tetley (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Prof Alison Chambers (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Sally-Marie Bamford (International Longevity Centre, UK)
  • George Holley-Moore (International Longevity Centre, UK)
  • Chester Court: Pam Towers, Maureen Atkinson and Janet Percy
  • Berwick Grange: Siva Krish, Rachel Oliver and Jaydee Blackett
  • Millbrook Lodge: Robin Willmott, Kirsty Hatward and Diana Otero
  • Rose Court: Karen Davies, Minu Mathew and Terry Elms
  • Lady Sarah Cohen House: Mary Rabbitte, Albert Cayabyab and Jessica Nyirarvdodo



Published by Residential Forum

The Residential Forum is to promote the achievement of high standards of care and support for children and adults living in residential care and nursing homes, supported housing, residential schools and colleges, hospices and hostels. It contributes to improving the quality of service to the public. Members of the Forum are people of standing and experience drawn from the public, private and voluntary sectors, as well as some who can speak for service users and carers.

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