ICHA Code of Practice

ICHA is the only UK representative organisation of Independent Residential Child Care providers.

ICHA membership defines organisations that are committed to their continually improving outcomes for children.

Membership of ICHA indicates an organisation committed to the key factors of successful Residential Child Care (see NCERCC: What works in Residential Child Care) as demonstrated by willingness to share information and best practice, challenge inequality and raise the quality of services provided.

Membership of ICHA signals a commitment to high quality care and welfare being provided by all involved in the life of a child.

Membership of ICHA supports them to achieve this by the benefits of information, peer support and representation at local, regional and national levels.

Paramount is the safeguarding, wishes and interests, of each child. This is shown by core aspects of the Code of Practice.

  • Act at all times in accordance with the welfare and safeguarding interest of children placed within their service.
  • Ensure the wishes and feelings of individual children placed are central to any service offered to them or decision affecting their care.
  • Promote a culture of professional openness and integrity in the care of children placed.
  • Work individually and collectively to improve services and thereby improve the welfare of, and outcomes for, children placed.

ICHA members will:-

  • ‘Provide services which consistently provide positive outcomes, for young people and to the regulatory standards’.
  • Ensure all staff are appropriately qualified, trained, supervised and supported to deliver high quality care.
  • Ensure resources, systems, policies and procedures are in place to underpin high quality care.
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement throughout the range of services provided.
  • Support other members (by practical means or in the provision of information/advice) in the delivery of improved services.
  • Safeguarding of children is promoted by ICHA members by 2 important responsibilities:

1. Notify the Executive Committee (and regulatory bodies if
professionally appropriate) of any situation which may compromise or
threaten the well being of any child placed in a member organisation.
2. Notify (as above) any member who willingly or repeatedly fails to act in
accordance with this Code of Practice and/or brings the ICHA into

Published by Residential Forum

The Residential Forum is to promote the achievement of high standards of care and support for children and adults living in residential care and nursing homes, supported housing, residential schools and colleges, hospices and hostels. It contributes to improving the quality of service to the public. Members of the Forum are people of standing and experience drawn from the public, private and voluntary sectors, as well as some who can speak for service users and carers.

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