We must recognise the health effects associated with shift working

We must support those who work at night ( in #carehomes )

2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to Jeffrey
Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael Young for “discoveries of molecular
mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm.”

work illuminates the genetic and molecular workings of our body clocks,
which allow our physiology to respond to different needs and demands at
different times of the day and night.

we are realising how intimately every aspect of our physical and mental
health are tied to our circadian rhythms. When our lives are not in
synchrony with our body clocks, there are significant consequences.

Michael Farquhar: We must recognise the health effects associated with shift working – The BMJ 

Published by Residential Forum

The Residential Forum is to promote the achievement of high standards of care and support for children and adults living in residential care and nursing homes, supported housing, residential schools and colleges, hospices and hostels. It contributes to improving the quality of service to the public. Members of the Forum are people of standing and experience drawn from the public, private and voluntary sectors, as well as some who can speak for service users and carers.

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